YouTube’s Strategy To Curb Content Piracy, 10K Views Must For Ads

YouTube is altering the rules about when users can begin earning through displaying ads on their video channels. New channels will have to achieve 10,000 views before they can be counted for the YouTube Partner Program, the firm published in a blog entry.

YouTube will then decide whether the channel is sticking to its set of rules before allowing it carry ads. It will support clamp down on content piracy and fake channels, YouTube told. After a developer hits 10k record views on their channel, YouTube will examine their activity towards its policies. 

Ariel Bardin, vice president of product management at YouTube detailed. Whenever everything looks valid, it will bring the channel into YPP [YouTube Partner Program] and start serving ads upon their content. Together these new outlets will help assure income only runs to creators who are abiding by the rules.

Qingzhen Chen, the senior analyst for advertising research from IHS, told it would not be difficult for channel producers to receive 10,000 views from global viewers of more than one billion users. That’s views, not registrations, so even when people don’t view the complete video that’s still weighed a view, she said.

It requires thinking about why YouTube is implementing this. There have been disputes lately in the news regarding some of its content, some big earmarks and agencies have withdrawn their adverts. this is just another attempt to administer with those issues. Publishers are frequently going to pay their money on digital media, so they are going to be demanding more in terms of their ads showing beside the clean content. 

YouTube does not publish the amount what video creators can gain from pre-roll adverts, which play earlier their video begins, but in 2014 the New York Times cited an ad software firm which proposed the average rate was $7.60 on 1000 ad views, with YouTube getting a percentage.

Mr. Imran is a faculty in English and a linguistic by profession. His articles, short stories, and poems are regularly published in newspapers. He is also an analyst of international news and magazines.