Xiaomi’s Self-Made Processor ‘Pinecone’ Will Be Released By March

Xiaomi’s Self-Made Processor ‘Pinecone’ Will Be Released By March

A huge number of major mobile phone producers have shown their significant dependency on Qualcomm since a long time, but latest reports suggest that another manufacturer is hoping to start making its own chips so it can stop being dependent on Qualcomm. It is Xiaomi that has planned to venture to make a mammoth task of developing its own processor. The emergence of more number of chip makers will prove favorable for people as there is a huge possibility of a reduction in smartphone prices due to the competition.

As indicated by the reports, Xiaomi is quite into the advancement of its own chip, which it named Pinecone, and it could take final shape within a month. If the planning turns out to be exact, Pinecone could be the processor utilized as a part of the Xiaomi Mi 6, which might be unveiled during March this year. The report is not completely astounding. Xiaomi is utilizing an organization called Beijing Pinecone Electronics for its chip advancements, and the company poured $15 million for a smartphone processor start-up named Datang. The company acquired it from Leadcore Technology two years ago.

Nowadays, practically every smartphone maker except for very few, the other companies like Huawei or even Samsung depends on Qualcomm for their top of the line processors. At times, that it could be problematic. For instance, the Snapdragon 810 got somewhat more sizzling than common, and most producers were left with a couple of choices. Indeed, even Samsung, which has its Exynos chip, still depends on Qualcomm chips for many of its devices.

This venture from a Chinese company can be a very favorable turn in the tech world as there are not many companies that are self-dependant for the chips. The Chinese brands have already proved their upper hand against other major mobile phone manufacturing brands like Apple and Samsung. Companies like Xiaomi are expected to do even better in the coming years for their value for money devices. And we can easily anticipate the result when a Chinese company accomplishes the task of having its own processor.


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