Waymo Claims To Have Found A Critical Evidence Against Uber

Alphabet’s Waymo self-driving car company has sought a postponement of a trial of the case against Uber. The company disclosed that it has found a critical evidence which proves that Uber made use of its patented technology of self-driving cars. The trial was scheduled to begin the next month.

Waymo claimed a year ago that its previous engineer Anthony Lewandowski illegally downloaded over 14,000 official files before he was out from the company to establish a self-driving truck firm which was soon after purchased by Uber.

Uber has denied making use of any of the company’s trade secrets and this battle for the self-driving car technology has been going on for almost 18 months now.

The court filing from Waymo revealed that the report has evidence that makes it easier for the company for further investigation which cannot be done by October 10, the date when the next trial is scheduled. Uber representative refused to comment and give more details about its planning for the further confrontation.

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