VR will carve our education system, The classrooms will not be a boring place anymore

Virtual reality is bringing the new revolution to all streams of life. It will shape our future and the way we see the world. Virtual Reality is getting bigger with new giants of internet and manufacturing world are coming forward in the field.

The Revolutionary technology of virtual reality could have more possibilities in our life than we can think of now. It will penetrate into more number of areas like education, warfare training, entertainment, medical, etc.

Many reputed manufacturing giants are gravitating towards this futuristic technology. The research and development are in full swing. Major projects like Magic Leap have already made progress. This revolutionary technology has the potential to shape everything in our life.

The internet leaders like Facebook are also taking part in this realm. Facebook recently bought Oculus, a virtual game company in 2014. The new features are being added every year to the VR headsets, and we are already on the path of advancement.

Penn professor Stephen Lane who has been working in the field of VR for more than 30 years stated,

There’s still challenges on the technical side in terms making the experience comfortable and something you can do for long periods of time,” said Lane. “But putting that aside, the immersive nature of VR, that you can be transported to another place in time, can give you an opportunity to explore other cultures or put yourself in the place of other people. That idea of presence can be very valuable.

However, he also stated some negatives of VR, “Sometimes people talk about it as experiential learning, or learning by doing. I think that’s another way that VR can be used in educational settings. You’re exploring and learning over time.” VR will carve our education system, The classrooms will not be a boring place anymore

VR Technology will enable students to learn and experience those things which they otherwise cannot. It will take them to the places and and enable them to experience of being there while they remain in the classroom. It will give them lifelike experiences which can help in the better understanding of the subject. They will see life-size figures and visually catch them for longer retention.

Though they have not emerged in the field of teaching and learning, it is evident that it has many possibilities in it. Students can visit places that they have to listen to currently. They say ‘seeing is believing’ and the visual impressions on the mind are much stronger than other senses. Students can have real life experiences, and teachers will have much ease while teaching. It can easily be the best teaching learning material for a classroom.

It can be helpful in two ways. One, students while remaining at other places can have simulations of a classroom, and the other is they can experience being at other locations by being at the classrooms.

Google is also trying to make an impression in the field of education by bringing VR to classrooms. It is working on an exciting project called ‘Expeditions Pioneer Program’ which focuses on visiting schools around the world and catering to the needs of teachers and students. Google is providing VR headsets to schools. VR technology will surely make the process of teaching and learning more exciting and lively.

Written by Imran
Mr. Imran is a faculty in English and a linguistic by profession. His articles, short stories, and poems are regularly published in newspapers. He is also an analyst of international news and magazines.