Tesla’s Lawsuit Reveals Aurora Innovations Is secretly Underway

Google had to bear a significant loss when it lost its tech lead Urmson. He worked for Google for more than seven years, and a lawsuit filed by Tesla on Thursday revealed that Urmson has been working on his own autopilot project with Sterling Anderson the former director of Tesla Autopilot. The project is named as Aurora Innovations.

The news broke with Tesla’s filing of the lawsuit in California which claims that Anderson has stolen data of hundreds of Gigabyte. Sterling Anderson had been the director of Tesla autopilot some years ago. The data in question is related to sensitive information of the company.

On the other hand, Aurora Innovations stated that Tesla’s lawsuit claims are baseless and they have stemmed from the fear of competition of self-driving cars in the market. It named its claim as malicious attempt to destroy healthy competition, and it is against moral ethics.

Urmson left the self-driving company of Google in the month of August 2016 last year. There have been reports of internal rivalry within the company during the time. Google had to face direct competition from Uber which launched self-driving car test for public.Google had been keen on its strategy to bring its advanced models of self-driving cars in the market by the end of 2016 which could not be materialized.

However, till now it was in vague whether Urmson left Google with the intention of working on some other project, but it is confirmed by the lawsuit that he had different plans in his mind when he left the company. Aurora Innovations is expected to make its entry in the field of self-driving cars soon as two tech executives have joined hands to make things happen.

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