Super Mario Run Lets Nintendo Down

Nintendo’s first ever mobile game, Super Mario Run, was a smash hit but that doesn’t reflect it was in any way good for the company’s profit. During its latest earnings report, Nintendo detailed that there were 200 million downloads of Mario Run, most of which came from other countries than Japan.

However, Nintendo revealed that despite these huge numbers, the game has not yielded much. While Nintendo didn’t add any particular piece of information about the conversion rates. The game is free to download, but users need to pay $9.99 to enjoy the complete game.

In comparison, Fire Emblem Heroes — which uses a free-to-play system, with many microtransactions — has been a much more profitable title for the company.

The company didn’t reveal any particular figures for the game, but it detailed that Heroes’ success is attributed to continual updates since the game was released in February.

“For this title, we listened to the voices of our consumers and provided continual updates,” Nintendo revealed. “As a result, we are on track to meet our overall business objectives, including our profit objectives.”

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