Skype Introduces Call Recording Feature

Finally, the feature is here

It has been a good 15 years since Skype has come into existence and since then many useful features have been added to it every now and then depending on the varying needs of the consumers with the varying time. However, the Video Call recording option in Skype has been in demand since quite a time now, and finally, after 1.5 decade of its launch, the much awaited and asked for feature is finally added to the app as well as the website. Therefore, times to cheer as Microsoft finally heard your cries and pleads.

Skype is still used widely

There is no doubt in the fact that no matter how many new apps of video calling have been launched and are being used, skype is still the most preferred tool of remote communication and the most trusted one as well. Although, skype has not really managed to maintain a smooth service and users face interrupted connectivity issues repeatedly without any fixtures, Skype is still being used why most lay men as well as in the corporate world.

The call-recording feature is available to everyone except for the users of Windows 10. Before this, skype has never come with such a functionality and so the users had to use other Apps or Skype plugins in order to record the audio or video calls.

How to save this recorded video forever?

After a period of 30 days, the recorded video is going to be deleted from the Microsoft cloud. However, the user can download and save the video in the laptop or mobile in the Mp4 format during those 30 days to view the videos in the later time. The videos can be shared and accessed during those 30 days from the Microsoft cloud using android, iOS, Mac or Linux device.

How does it work?

To record the video call, just tap on the start recording options in the more options menu on your screen. The call starts to record and, from there you can pause or end the recording as you wish and and a banner appears in your call that will inform your call partners that was recording the call. Once the call has been recorded, it will be sent to your chat.

This feature is available in the most updated Skype version (Skype 8.0), and the users who are still using the deprecated version of Skype 7, you know what to do now, update your Skype and enjoy the new feature of video call recording.

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