Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Aftermath: Government Makes Stricter Regulations For Exploding Phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been faded away in the past, but the fire of its explosion is still producing heat. The South Korean government has come up with a regulatory system that binds all mobile phone manufacturers in the nation. This new regulation has been undoubtedly stemmed from the multiple exploding cases of Samsung Note 7.

The government will implement the new rule to avoid any such casualties in the future. As per the regulations, it will be incumbent on all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to report the cases of any casualty immediately that crops up from a mobile phone. They are bound to supervise the matter immediately at their end to ensure further safety to users.

This new regulation is expected to be officially detailed by next week, though it might not be in effect immediately. There is a possibility of implementation by the end of this year. The new law also makes it obligatory for the manufacturers to work upon investigation to find the cause without wasting any more time coupled immediate recalls of the devices. An official stated that it took more than ten days for Samsung to report the explosions of Galaxy Note 7 device. Such delays in reporting of cases make it difficult for the government to take immediate action against such casualties and to bring necessary safety measures.

The device proved to be an outright failure for Samsung, posing new challenges for safety in mobile phones. The device reportedly got overheated and caught fire. A Canadian got third-degree burns on his hands while handling it. Samsung made a delay in reporting the case and instead blamed the batteries. It even got it batteries changed on the first recall of Note 7, but the cases of overheating continued.

The device is reportedly a hardware flaw by the manufacturer. Samsung had to face many criticisms for the device’s aggressive design which compressed the battery, and this caused the device to get overheated. Samsung had to put a stop to Note 7 production. It took a long time for the company to recover the devices. It partnered with the carriers to disable its essential features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Samsung did not have any legal right to force users by disabling the features, and this fact is accepted by the company, though it stated that there is no other way it can have all the devices returned. The company offered a full refund to users, or they could have the device exchanged with another Samsung smartphone.

It is important to note here that Galaxy Note 7 is not the only model from Samsung to have failed to provide safety. Galaxy S6 joined Note 7 row when it was reportedly exploded in the room where a baby was asleep. Samsung’s investigation to know the cause of the failure of Galaxy Note 7 was out recently which held the battery compartment responsible for overheating.

It was quite imminent to have the government made a move regarding the safety measures of the mobile phones to ensure that such cases are not repeated and to have the information under government knowledge to take action without any delay if they ever take place in the future.

Written by Imran
Mr. Imran is a faculty in English and a linguistic by profession. His articles, short stories, and poems are regularly published in newspapers. He is also an analyst of international news and magazines.