Russia Intends to Protect Next Presidential Election With BlockChain Technology

Russia Central Election Commission is expected to utilize blockchain technology in order to ensure secure voting system. The chief motive behind this move is to offer fraud-free election results. The system will protect all sorts of election scams such as rigging, hackings etc. It will detect and avert even a minor external alteration in the data.

Furthermore, the technology will permit citizens to vote through Android and Apple mobile phones with the help of blockchain app. It will make the entire voting process a bite easier for ordinary voters.

Presently, several countries are making use of blockchain technology to secure casted votes.

However, it will be the first time that the technology will be implemented for presidential election in Russia. Earlier, the government has only utilized it to trace exit polls.

Ella Pamfillova, Russian politician and the Head of Russian Central Election Commission, says that pure election results are one of the basic rights of a citizen. Hence, the election commission has planned to develop a system without analogue.

The next presidential election is expected to be held in 2024.

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