Razer’s ‘Project Ariana’ Demands New Definition For Reality

The advancements in technology of gaming experience has been on a new note altogether. It was in 2013 the concept of IllumiRoom by Microsoft knocked at the doors of technology but failed to get suitable hospitality as it seemed too early to make an entry because it was expensive and unviable at that time. It could not offer its immersive gaming experience at the affordable price, so it had to be kept in abeyance.

More or less, VR technology is a new arrival in the gaming world, and the Head Mounted Display had just started to come out of its infancy, but it could be soon be replaced by the projection technology. Many users feel a kind of binding while they wear the headsets and now this open eye experience can give a freedom while the users can experience the VR-like surroundings.

Razer is an American company established by Robert Krakoff. Its headquarter is in California. With the main focus on Game making, Razer has brought innovative approaches to the stream. It is all set to explore the concept of projection into the gaming world. However, Razer called its project Ariana as pre-VR technology, though we can see millions of VR headset already being sold. But it could also mean that the technology of projection in gaming world went unexplored so far which should have made its appearance much before.

The CES 2017 offered a mishmash of many new eye-catching tech advancements, and Razer was one of them. It seemed that the company is revisiting the IllumiRoom concept of Microsoft. The Project Ariana could be the new definition for immersive gaming experience. It will bring forth advanced projection mechanism which takes the gaming to another entertainment system beyond the layer of the monitor.

It seems imminent that Razer will be able to bring its innovative approach in 2017. The first look of the future of Razer Chroma is offered by Project Ariana. It uses RGB (Red, Blue, Green) lighting and projects it into the room creating life-like ambiance. The gamers will be able to have an immersive gaming experience through Razer Chroma. It coordinates the room with the game to create video effects in the real-time. It combines all peripherals of gaming and brings them on one platform which promises a never before immersive gaming experience.

Razer hinted that Project Ariana is the “world’s first video projection system designed for total immersion gaming.” Razer names this project a “concept design”, it is confirmed with some sources that the final product will reach consumers soon. Razer included “get feedback from the community and make sure that, with the features it has, it’ll be the best product out there.”

This new technology by Razer transforms the entire room into the game environment where everything you see around is the ambiance of game internals. For this, you do not need to wear an irritative and heavy headset on your eyes. The projector does it all. It projects the game surroundings all around with room scaling to let the user know the limits for movement and to dodge objects. It automatically scans the surroundings with intelligent room calibration. It is one of a kind projector that is capable of adjusting itself with the limits of the outer environment. It is also capable of sensing outer light to coordinate itself to give the perfect blend of gaming experience. These innovative tools blur the barrier between the user and the game by bringing the realistic effects.

Project Ariana operates via a compact projector coupled with the 155-degree wide fisheye lens. It projects colorful game images all over the room. Other accessories include a pair of 3D cameras which will enable the detailed vision of the physical environment. It will sense room objects like furniture; walls etc. and accurately help in dodging them.

It is important to note that Razer has decided to bring the device as a part of Chroma platform. However, this was quite evident as a user dive into the project room and syncing among all the object is a requirement.

Razer said, “This is the future of Razer Chroma as we see it. We are working toward new video projection technology designed to place users in their games for total gaming immersion. Having a game surround a gamer completes the entire ecosystem of gaming, bridging the sensory gap between player and game.”

Project Ariana of Razer can bring an all-new experience to the gaming world with its innovative technology. The users will not be playing the game, but rather they can be the part of it as one of its characters. Razer is all set to give the visions of Microsoft a new look. This revolutionary technology if gets through to make an impression can trigger a total change in the gaming technology.

Mr. Imran is a faculty in English and a linguistic by profession. His articles, short stories, and poems are regularly published in newspapers. He is also an analyst of international news and magazines.

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