Qualcomm Seeks To Stop iPhone Sales And Manufacturing In China

The global leader in chip making, Qualcomm has filed some lawsuits against Apple to stop iPhone manufacturing and sales in China. The chip maker claimed in its filing that Apple is illegally utilizing its intellectual property. Neither of them responded to requests for any inputs.

This legal claim from Qualcomm is the latest turn in a legal confrontation between Apple and Qualcomm which was initiated a month ago. The companies are in a contention on how much Apple must pay for the radio chip it utilizes in iPhone’s radio connection. Apple claims Qualcomm demands too much of money.

Qualcomm makes a significant amount of its income from giving licenses of its patented technology to many of device makers, with the amount based on the price of a device, and not on separate components. As Qualcomm holds patents for 3G and 4G devices, any smartphone company which produces a handset that connects to 3G or 4G networks is bound to pay a licensing fee, even if it doesn’t utilize chips from Qualcomm.

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