Qualcomm 845 Reported To Have Outdone Apple A9 Chipset

The most advanced and fastest mobile phone processors available in the market currently are the Qualcomm Snapdragon but many rumors have it that the latest Snapdragon 845 is already on the scene.

As per a report, the latest processor Snapdragon 845 outdid the Apple A9 in the single core. The fascinating thing about the report is that the maker has not even made an official statement about the Snapdragon 845.

It is reported that Snapdragon 845 scored above 2600 on the single core category, which implies that it is more advanced than Apple A9 chipset.

On the contrary, there have been many reports that even the Snapdragon 836 never exists. It proved wrong the rumors that the next Pixel device will flaunt the Snapdragon 836. So the rumor about the 845 processor is not really believable until there is an official statement from Snapdragon.

Written by Imran
Mr. Imran is a faculty in English and a linguistic by profession. His articles, short stories, and poems are regularly published in newspapers. He is also an analyst of international news and magazines.