Nintendo’s Mini SNES Hacked To Play Unlimited Games

If you own the Mini SNES, here’s something for you to cheer about. The recently released Nintendo’s console has already been hacked which allows users to stretch their arms and play more games than officially allowed.

Cluster, the Russian coder who has cracked open the NES Classic Edition, has now found out the way to install more games to the SNES CE via his Hakchi tool. With Hakchi v2.20, users can have the opportunity to have more options on SNES. It officially comes with the limitation of only 21 preloaded games. What’s more, the emulator is capable of running NES titles.

However, it is not officially allowed to use other ROMs, but some followers may fancy their chances to give it a try. The task also demands some expertise in the field of coding, so it is advisable not to go for it in case you are not confident enough.

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