Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Controllers To Make The Market More Competitive

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality headsets have already been out for developers. They are yet to get the perfect shape and we can see it happening only when they are out in the market. It is expected that the new motion controllers will be available by the holiday season.

Microsoft first unveiled these controllers in May this year. And we got exact details about them during the IFA electronics show. However, they don’t flaunt a stylish design, they indeed showed an innovative approach. The controllers don’t operate on the basis of external trackers.

Same as headsets, the Mixed Reality controllers will be produced by other makers as well. The complete package will be available in the market with the price tag of $399.

The company detailed that the headsets will be compatible with most of the PCs. Microsoft VR headsets have been received for bringing down the prices of headsets of other companies as they faced direct competition from the company.

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