How Has Bixby Affected The Success Of Galaxy S8?

Samsung has had a decent current year. The company came out from what can be said a downfall during the last year due to the debacle of the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7. It launched two of its most awaited smartphones that are doing wonderfully well in the market. Galaxy S8 has been a smash hit and the recently released Note 7 has been doing perfectly well. The company also rolled out its own voice assistant Bixby and it is the only one thing that has let down the users. The dedicated Bixby button looks like an unwanted addition and too much ambitious attitude of the company.

Bixby is Samsung’s response to voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant. It is expected to be the intelligent spirit that resides inside your smartphone and actively assists you all day with its AI enabled features.

The skills of a voice assistant are not new to many. It is indeed an essential part of any modern-day smartphone. These voice assistants have become a ground for competition for many of the reputed manufacturers. But the only issue with Bixby is that it does not bring anything novel into the voice assistant technology and it does not promise to be the one to single out from other voice assistants in the market.

However many users think that the dedicated Bixby button is really an unwanted addition from the company. It tells us about company’s overreaching aims that are not really user-centric and that the company is trying to impose an unnecessary experience on the users for some far-reaching need. It also tells that Samsung tried too much with its voice assistant and being too ambitious about the voice assistant’s exposure to users.

However, if you are left-handed the Bixby button on both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 suits you well. It’s exactly where the power button is usually placed that is underneath the thumb. And if it was placed there with some thought it would have certainly got a thumbs up. But there is a possibility that users while trying to use the volume rocker button may accidentally press the Bixby button causing an unnecessary intervention in the process of listening to music or simply adjusting the sound for the ringer.

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