Here’s The Chinese Version Of Samsung Galaxy S8

The biggest challenge that most of the reputed mobile phone manufacturers are facing currently is the swarm of Chinese companies. These Chinese companies are known to offer hi-end devices at moderate prices which directly affected the companies like Samsung and Apple. The recently established companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, Le Eco, Coolpad etc. so generous in their specs that there has been a great rise in the sale of Chinese smartphones.

Some credit must be given to the Chinese companies for making some of the most enduring and perfect smartphones but it is another fact that they are also good at making clones of top-notch phones.

It has not been a long time since Samsung released its most awaited Galaxy S8 and a Chinese company is already on it with its cloning and what is most shocking is that the phone is surprisingly attractive.

In the era where smartphones are sold at around $1000 for any of the top-notch releases this year, the Chinese companies are making it easier for people who can’t pay such a high price for a smartphone. This Chinese clone is named S2 Pro which sports a bezel-less display and very much looks like Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you want to go for a similar looking phone at a lower price S2 Pro is your option which may not have all the top-notch features that Galaxy S8 sports but still the phone looks perfectly carved out much symmetrical to the designs of Samsung’s latest release Galaxy S8.

Mr. Imran is a faculty in English and a linguistic by profession. His articles, short stories, and poems are regularly published in newspapers. He is also an analyst of international news and magazines.