Google Rolls Out The Final Version Of Android O Developer Preview

Google rolled out the final developer preview of latest Android O. As anticipated, there are no significant changes found in the release and, as per Google, the rollout of Android O will come to phones later this summer. There is some time still to pass before the release takes place that’s on September 22, but provided that Android Nougat is almost ready with all features working perfectly, we can expect we’ll see the final roll out by August.

This final version of the update brings more stability. The developers can verify the working of their apps before the version is rolled out to the general public.

For developers, the latest version of Android carries better notifications provision across the operating system, picture-in-picture support, and loads of others new features. There are also many new features that are intended to optimize phone’s battery. Though none of the modifications are novel, Android developers should apparently test the apps on Android O at the earliest. They are also required to update to the latest version of Android Studio for writing Android apps.

Written by Imran
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