Google Maps Will Show Parking Details

Google Maps have got a new feature that will make navigation much more user-friendly and productive. Its all-new feature will let you know how you will be able to park your vehicle at your destination. It is reported that Google will make use of its historical data on listed locations to guide you exactly how your experience will be in the quest for finding space to park your vehicle at your destination.

This new feature was added during the first week of this month, and the users of the beta version of Google Maps on Android were first to notice it. This addition to Google Maps makes it easier for the users with the revamped information for better navigation. Google has been rolling out new features in its maps on continuously and this is one of such additions.

Google Maps provide most of the information in real time though this feature of alerting you on parking will not keep you abreast of the current situation. It will rather tell you how easy or difficult parking had been at your destination on previous occasions over the number of years. To make use of this option all the users have to do is, to begin with getting directions for your destination and they will find new parking difficulty icon on the direction card at the bottom of the page. Tapping this icon will open suggestions on parking history of the location. This data is collected and processed on the basis of traffic congestions over a decade.

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