Google Is Requesting For Youtube’s Clips That Are Mocking The Upcoming Phones Leaked Features

Google pixel 3 XL leaked

Google has sent out media invites for its upcoming events on October 9, which is the day it is most probable that the company’s pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL are going to be launched. There have been many leaked rumors about these two phones recently. This is enough evidence to show how quickly the world of technology experiences changes. For example, a couple of months ago it was very unlikely or almost impossible to get any devices leaked, and that too, months before its launch. From quite some time, we were getting to hear leaked features of these gadgets but now, heights have been reached as Google 3 XL was leaked in its entirety as it lost a complete batch of Pixel 3 XL pre-production units and the scenario is different from then onwards. There is no doubt that this is the greatest leaks of recorded past leaks since Gizmodo exposed iPhone 4. However, Google is taking some preparatory steps to take things back under its control.

Google scours YouTube

Unlike many other companies who collaborate with Youtubers and Vloggers to cover their product or product launch events via their videos, Google is asking for those clips from all those YouTubers who have talked about the leaked features of pixel 3 XL. In some of the videos that Google is trying to collect there is a lot of criticism as well as walking on the design team.

Some channels to which Google reached out

There is a page front page and Google has asked for some clips from it. Yet, we have no precise information as to what the clip is exactly related to, but what we do know is that the page has made videos speaking ill of the leaks of Google pixel 3 XL. FPT has also claimed that Google has reached other big YouTube channels who have been recorded to say unfavorable things about the upcoming Google phones as well, asking to use the clips from their videos.

A conspiracy?

This all seems a conspiracy to John Prossor of FPT by google to get publicity. As much as there is a possibility that this can be true, there is an equal chance that it is not because there seem no apparent benefits of doing so for the company. The reason being, consumers tend to buy products that fall within their budget range with similar features as that of a high-end device.