Google Decides To Kill ‘Google Drive’

Google Drive will stop working on both PC and Mac from December 11, Google detailed this week. It will be replaced by Backup and Sync. However, Google doesn’t seem to be bringing any changes to the drive services but just to the apps.

Google presently provides 15GB of storage with drive and the files are accessible with any smartphone with the app installed. These platforms include Android devices, iPads, and iPhones. These app versions will be left untouched.

Google detailed in an official statement that it will stop supporting the app for PCs and Mac from December and the app will not be working anymore from March 12 next year. From that point forward users will have to utilize Backup and Sync. The business subscribers to Google G suite will be transferred to drive file stream.

The Drive app offers ease of writing and sharing documents between individuals. It brought a new platform for people working on the same project. Google did not reveal any more details and reason behind this closure. It is expected that we will soon come to know more about it by next week.

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