Finally, Wireless Charging Becomes Literally Wireless

The iPhone 8 and iPhone x are the first Apple devices to sport wireless charging and it was quite imminent that following this technology there will be a number of devices to charge wirelessly in the market.

But technology doesn’t seem to have made charging wirelessly in the real sense as your device or smartwatch has to be kept on the charging pad which is nothing but again users have to be around the charging wire if they want to operate the devices.

However, here is a solution for charging wirelessly in the real sense. Pi, an organization established by MIT has produced a wireless charger that can charge more than one device from the distance of one foot. The charger utilizes resonant induction. It is the same innovation that Qi chargers utilize but these are capable of charging devices from a longer distance.

The tests have shown that it works perfectly well. The company showed charging 5 devices at the same time during an event. This indeed looks promising for the future of devices and the technology in general.

Mr. Imran is a faculty in English and a linguistic by profession. His articles, short stories, and poems are regularly published in newspapers. He is also an analyst of international news and magazines.