FBI Goes Beyond Regulations To Get Confidential Data From Twitter

FBI Goes Beyond Regulations To Get Confidential Data From Twitter

After the lifting of gag orders, many companies are making their way to disclose data to the legal authorities. A new addition to this group of companies is Twitter. This move from the company does not favor the privacy of its users.

It has been confirmed by a report that Twitter has acquiesced to disclose the data in response to National Security Letters forwarded in the year 2015 and 2016 which demanded the company for transaction records that include confidential Internet data which took place through electronic communication. However, this shocking disclosure from the company did not come all of a sudden. Twitter had denied most of the FBI demands earlier, but it has been reported that the bureau was pushing hard beyond the guidelines formulated by Justice Department Memo. It confined orders of the disclosure to phone billing records, but the company had to go past the limitations of rules and disclose its confidential data for the purpose of Investigation.

A 2014 Inspector General Report from FBI had rejected to the terms of the memo hinting that the bureau is not ready to conform to the bounds of these rules. But for some years Twitter kept things in abeyance using the memo rules and was not readily prepared to disclose the data. It had declared that it is bound by the privacy rules and terms that it promises to the users. However, this doesn’t appear right for the future of communication in the country and also at the global level. Recently the legal authority demanded Amazon to disclose the confidential data that was recorded on Amazon Echo’s cloud to get leads in a murder case.


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