Ethereum Founder Proposes Hardcap of 120 Million Ether

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum creator, has issued an innovative proposal based on restriction of issuance of ether. The proposal openly addresses all the major Ethereum issues.

In the recently published Ethereum Improvement Proposal, Buterin sheds light on the current Ethereum’s monetary policy. The cryptocurrency creator clearly states his views over monetarily policy. He also talks about the economic sustainability of the platform. Moreover, he says that the issuance of new coins to work miners is not a useful method anymore. Hence, the approach should be altered.

Furthermore, Buterin suggests increase in the amount of hard cap. He urges that the hard cap price should be greater than the original Ether.  This suggestion will put a cap at 120,204,432.

Ethereum policy is comparatively more fluctuating than the rest of the coins. According to its basic terms, the system expects more than 18 million new ether every year.  On the other hand, merely 21.0 million bitcoin will be created yearly.

Presently, there are 98 million ETH available in market.

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