Comcast Presents the Expansion of Internet by Olympians


We should respect the people who serve our country and even lose their lives in the process with all our heart. Rico Roman is one of these great and brave people. He lost his one leg in an IED explosion in 2007. Roman is a world championship gold medalist and has been silver medalist for the world championship twice.

During “conversations with Al McFarlan”, with the editor-in-chief of the insight new, Roman directed towards his broadcast audience in the program the previous week held at Comcast’s St. Paul headquarters.

Objectives of the program

This program intended to shed light on Comcast steps taken to shut down the digital divide and expand eligibility to nearly one million veterans with low wages. A lot of research is going on to find and eliminate the root cause of the digital divide. This is what David L. Cohen, Comcast senior vice president, has to say about the increased digital divide,

We are currently on a national tour where we are sharing an annual update about the Internet Essentials program, which is the centerpiece of our company’s commitment to bridging the digital divide for low-income families. For the past seven years, we have been taking ambitious steps to try and close the digital divide. There is a slew of research on why the digital divide persists.  The number one barrier to broadband adoption, by a mile, is a complex mix of digital literacy skills and a lack of perceived need or interest in having the Internet at home.  The second barrier is the lack of an Internet-capable computer, and the third is the cost of a monthly Internet subscription.”

One-third of veterans without internet

Sadly, reports indicate that about a third of Veterans are deprived of the home internet facility, as said by Cohen.

“We are expanding eligibility for Internet Essentials to all low-income veterans living in our service area. Doing so will enable as many as one million low-income veterans in the areas we serve – and 20,000 veterans here in Minnesota – to connect to online resources at home that can help them better navigate the complexities of daily life as civilians.”