Biggest Announcements Of Apple’s WWDC Event

Biggest Announcements Of Apple's WWDC Event

The biggest event for APPLE for the year 2017, WWDC witnessed some of the major announcements and revealing that has satiated the curiosity of many. The event will be remembered for many initiatives from the company such as the HomePod, the smart speaker with finest sound quality. These announcements will for sure change how the company moves ahead in the coming years.

Among the revealing, HomePod, the all-new AR platform, VR development tools, and a lot of enhancements to iOS 11 topped the list. As reported earlier, the Worldwide Developers Conference has proved to be a significant event for the company and technology in general.

These initiatives may appear not so significant at the moment but they are in the evolving stage and have the potential to prove as game changers for Apple in coming years. It has stepped into the realm of smart speaker for the first time and has also assured of major improvements in what it can do in the future. However, it is also very important to note that it will not be easy for the company to face the strong competition from more established companies like Amazon that released Echo Show and gravitated all limelight. Amazon takes pride in sharing over 70% of smart speaker market in the US.


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