Apple iPhone 8 Release Date Is just Around The Corner

Apple iPhone 8 will be one of the most noteworthy releases from the maker. Its release also marks the tenth year anniversary of the company. But Apple has delayed it on multiple occasions owing to the technological challenges it is currently facing with touch ID.

The company is aspiring to bring drastic changes and technological advancements to its device and one of such changes is to shift the fingerprint scanner from its traditional rear placement to the front of the phone under the display.

Apple may not risk more delays and much of time as the release of iPhone 8 depends upon the earning reports. Apple’s report has come out of the blue as the company has outdone the anticipation of analysts. They had expected it to reach $49 billion, but actual figures by Apple stand at $52 billion. These figures are important for the iPhone 8 to be released in time and we can expect the device to be out not long from now.


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