Apple Faces A Major Challenge With iPhone X

Ever since Apple released iPhone X, we’ve heard news reports about the non-availability of its units. And presently the details about why there will be not enough number of iPhone X available during the phase of launch is slowly getting surfaced.

As per the latest report, the major challenge for production of the device isn’t the OLED screen, though its supplies were limited. The major problem is Face ID and the spares it needs to work.

The 3D sensor utilized for Face ID is placed at the top of the device and comprises of three primary components which are a flood illuminator, a dot projector, and an infrared camera. Collectively they enable the face detection.

Facial Unlock has become a major challenge for smartphone manufacturers, leaving aside the difficulty they faced with the in-display touch ID. Apple wanted something remarkable in its tenth anniversary device and it also delayed its releasing on multiple occasions. But it couldn’t find a working solution and finally came up with a few units of the smartphone.

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