Andy Rubin’s Essential Gets One More Price Slash

Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone sported all the essential features to be one of the most successful devices but to the surprise of many the device didn’t do any way better.

The device now gets a slash of $100 and it is a perfect time if you want to own one. The company​ said in an official statement that it seeks to make it easier for people to buy the device. At the same time there’s nothing to worry for the buyers in the past because they will also get a $200 credit with which they can buy other stuff like 360 Essential camera.

“Like early iPhones, it’s better pocket computer than a phone, clearly made by a company without much experience in the realm of voice calling and cellular networks.” A PCMag’s analyst said.

The device faced strong competition from other more established companies like Apple and Samsung. This is the only reason why the device didn’t leave up to the expectations on the market.

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